Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule to the Vikings represented the ultimate journey of thier lives, to the farthest corner of the world they knew of........, to them it was the ultimate honour..., it was certainly the stuff of which legend was made, and passed down generation to generation as the lore,....until the belief in it dwindled down to a great extent, even among its own people...,

How is it ever so important???? Why is it being even being referred??? It probably represented to the people of that society, of that temporal frame, a parallel of a great achievement, which was probably not been done before...., and then the lore struck on..., and as a result of being passed down,...lost the true importance of being a spiritual or an emotional quest, morphing into something more materialistic,....capable of being able to bring great riches,...trophies to those who have undertaken such a brave journey into the unknown....,

To me the Ultima Thule represents something else......., a very significant something....,the interpretation of which, would certainly be deciphered by those how know me the best....., I leave it to the rest of the others though to ponder over...... :) :) :)

Morne Morkel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have always had premonitions about plyers with some potential.., I mean its kinda deja-vu actually.., that I predict plyers performance...especially against India.

Now.., please excuse my arrogant self...but am really going overboard with this Morne Morkel guy-the fast bowler from South Africa.., his name has got something in him., he looks like he shall rip off the Indian top order...

I know people could be sycophants, nincompoops.., but none worse than this...A monkey's been caged in exile for the last five years just because its bitten a little kid from another community..., and has been raised by a family from the majority community.........it just cant get more dastarrdly than this!!!!!!!!!!!....

How can a poor hapless creature disturb communal harmony????? It just doesnt make any goddamn sense!!!!!!!...this is just sheer foolishness and extreme ruthlessness on part of the authorities concerned.., without even the slightest regard for the value of life of an innocent creature...

Now what have the authorities achieved by keeping the animal in social isolation/????...Heaven??????....People have not just lost thier friggin minds but also their hearts!!!!!!!!!!..............

God ...if you are there.....please enlighten these faithfuls!!!!!!!!!!!

Cricket fever
Now that the Champs Trophy is round the corner...cricket fever seems to have all but revived in the country once again...

Well.., was a real die hard fan of cricket..but now a days....everything just seems to be too monotonous...because the reason is pretty simple...we have extremely insipid fare being dished out..and just far too many matches...

There simply are no characters in the game..a la David Boon, Merv Hughes, Javed Miandad, Steve Waugh...It just seems that everyone is just so profesional enough that they have forgotten to have a laugh on the field, have a mild contest or just give a piece of their mind to the opposition players. Nay, am not saying that the Spirit's improved..but its just too bland...the game's completely devoid of colourful characters....the only ones who can come close would be McGrath(wid the bat!!!!!), KP and our own Mahi Dhoni to an extent..

The too many brushes that the respective boards have with the ICC, the blatant commercialization of the sport, contract row, this row, that row...ahve only managed to kill the interest in the game...with the players being reduced to robots--as inanimate as possible..

I only just wish that we played far fewer matches, returned to the semi professional kind of setting we had in the 80's and period before that... The gam was far more enjoyable then and provided more entertainment then,...(I hate Mandira Bedi kind of entertainment!!!!)

..the first matches I had watched were in the 1992 WC..in Australia adn NZ...I was about 9 then...all those matches still are vivid in the mind...especially one match...the Aus v/s Ind match at Brisbane on a Sunday....we lost by a run...despite Mohd. Azharuddin's amazingly beautiful 93(yes!!!...I still remember it that vividly..including the flat six he hit off Tom Moody)...had an annual exam the next day...but the matches always came first...but these days one could hardly associate with any of those kind of matches---its only because of the excessive number of matches....and the blatant commercialization....

long time..now....
It really has been a while now.., since I had atleast read on lj.., let alone post one here.

Well.., it has been a very hectic month.., being part of the alumni meet organizing committee, has its own share of responsibilities, add to it the rigour of the academics(hardly worthy in any given case though), mindless exams which do not add any value whatsoever, quiz club, this club , tht club, blah blah and blah...one really does become a supr burn out.

In smaller institutions like the one.., theres always problems of finances, so the whole lot of admin work need to be done by the students themselves..it becomes really hectic- theories of motivation, commitment etc.., do not hold good at all. They are only meant for discussions in the class room, after that ..consigned to the dust bins..thats it!!!..Its pathetic and hopeless, but cant help it..The onus is on the handful of those who reaaly burn thier !@#$ out..

In this case..was among those select few..lol....so what happens to me??...I become a burn out, lose my sanity, mumble gibberish in front of the audience, when I have to make a deep impact..make a dunce out of myself...so much for working so hard!!!...


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